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    Bank Rush is a new distance type game for iOS.

    The game will be available this week on App Store.
    Connecting to the iTunes Store.

    You can learn more about the game on YouTube:

    Bank Rush offers ineffable feeling of prison break. At your disposal will be former elusive bank robber, who had long missed the freedom and wealth. Your prison buddy helps you to escape from the most guarded prison. You need to run as far away from the place of detention as you can, looting on your way banks and civilians.

    Some game features:
    - A charismatic protagonist
    - Game bonuses: Cash, Dynamite, Rocket, Steel Bubble, Glider, Pelican, Catapult
    - Lots of different types of upgrades: Strong Rope, Earth Resistance, Enemy Resistance, Longer Boost, Boost Power, Combo Strength, Wall Resistance, Rocky Head
    - Several types of enemies and obstacles: Civilians, Police, Balloons, Birds, Walls, Holes
    - Wide game shop
    - Board of achievements
    - Responsive controls
    - A picturesque graphic design
    09-12-2012 04:06 AM