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    TwtBooth is a new Twitter app that shows all photos tweeted, regardless of the service (Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic, Lockerz, yFrog, etc.) used to tweet the picture.

    While majority people are now using Instagram, there are still people who tweet pictures using Twitpic and other photo sharing services. With TwtBooth, you can see all the photos tweeted. Have you ever had someone follow you and then you stroll through their timeline continuously trying to find pictures the person has tweeted so that you can figure out who the person is or wanted to find a picture that your favorite celebrity tweeted two weeks ago? No problem! TwtBooth is a simple way to view all photos.

    What the app offers:

    New - shows the last 48 photos posted to your timeline

    Photos - shows all the photos that YOU have tweeted

    Followers/Following - this is a list of the people you follow or follow you. Stroll through your followers, tap on their name, and their photos show up!

    Search - there are millions and millions of people on Twitter! Search and view their photos too.

    TwtBooth is free! Download and give us your feedback! Thanks

    09-11-2012 07:48 PM