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    Introducing our new intuitive photo-based spending diary app.

    1. Photo-based shopping diary
    2. Ad-hoc summary of spend
    3. Breakdown of monthly spend
    4. On-line photo sharing
    5. Shopping list and wish list
    6. Front and rear camera support
    7. Colorful and cute stickers

    we call it picklet because it’s combining the concepts of “Picture” and “Wallet”. it’s a new kind of accounting book app that can help you keep track of your shopping and have the detail breakdown of money you spend by taking pictures on the things you’ve just bought or the things you wish to buy. moreover it can help you share your purchases on-line (facebook) and discuss them with your friends on the go.

    people likes to take photos. by taking photo you virtually collect things and memories into your photo album and keep them as your treasure. so wouldn’t it be great if there is a really smart photo albums with the beautiful pictures of things you like in it, and the album is smart enough to tell you “how much money I spend yesterday?” or “how much money I spend on dining last month”. or “how much I have to spend if I want to buy this, this and this?” , and also if the album can help you in real time when you think of “oh, this is a pair of really nice looking shoes, I would like to know what will Kate think...”,and we think it’s a really interesting idea. so we build it and would like to know what other people would think of it.

    download here
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    09-11-2012 03:10 AM

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