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    Hi, friends!

    We are proud to present a new action/arcade game called The Mysterious Ways of 3volution - A Primordial Soup Challenge. We know, we know, a long name, but we like those good old arcade games from the past too much.

    So, you think life just accidentally began when organic molecules (after millions and millions of years of swimming in a puddle of primordial soup) organized one-too-many swimming championships?

    Forget everything you've seen in science books, and forget what your teachers told you about the beginning of life. The time has come to discover the truth behind what really happened billions of years ago... when life itself didnít even know that it existed! Youíre invited to a challenge in the Primordial Soup with three little Helpers: Nunstuck, Git & Slotermeyer!


    ☆ You start with the basics, but soon discover that living in a primordial soup is anything but a holiday.
    ☆ Complete training stages to reach 3volutionís no-limits, no-rules freeplay mode!
    ☆ Enjoy a never-ending game, designed for a quick bit of fun, but also enough to put your mad finger skills to the test!


    ☆ Battle against time & the primordial soup nasties trying to stop you! Destroy them with special goodies! Use primordial inventory to enhance your gameplay!
    ☆ Compete with your friends and yourself on the Game Center Leaderboards and try to complete numerous Achievements!
    ☆ 3volve from a tiny no-brained zero to a super-intelligent supreme being - the ruler of the primordial soup!

    You can find 3volution in the App Store, it's an universal game and it's compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    App Store - 3volution - A Primordial Soup Challenge

    We also launched FREE version so you can try A Primordial Soup Challenge before you buy the game:

    App Store - 3volution - A Primordial Soup Challenge - Free

    You can also visit our webpage 3VOLUTION GAME and contact us if you have any questions regarding our game!

    Thank you!

    3volution Team
    09-09-2012 01:24 PM

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