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    We are XLabz Technologies, a mobile product development company. We are giving away a few promo codes for our latest release Ė Who Got Brains? A game thatíll stretch your grey cells and show you how brainy you really are!

    If you'd like a promo code, just reply to this thread and we'll send you one right away!

    Here's the iTunes link to Who Got Brains: Who Got Brains? for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Here are the main features:

    • Challenge and stimulate your brain with a variety of brain teasers in 4 key categories: Analytical, Memory, Math & Visual.
    • The scores from each category are summed up to give you an overall rating- your Brain Power!
    • Login with Facebook to see your rank on the local and global Leaderboards. Compare your Brain Power with friends and see where you stand amongst them.
    • Invite your Facebook friends to play and challenge them to beat your score!
    • Get better at the game and score higher by playing more & more!

    If you enjoy the game, do recommend it to your friends
    09-08-2012 01:06 AM