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    [B][SIZE="5"]About App[/SIZE][/B]

    This is an iOS free app to help parents or baby sitters to keep track of their baby daily activities.

    Now you can enjoy one of the most comprehensive baby tracking app FREE of charge.

    Have you ever find a useful tool to keep track of your lovely babies without any cost? 

    Baby tracker lite will help you log and time all of your child's activities (such as Eats, Poops, Sleeps, Baths, Sick and so much more) through a user friendly interface that makes tracking easy and fun.

    This app activities and content is reviewed and advised by certified Pediatrician.

    Baby tracker lite is a most ease of use method to keep track of all your baby activities that even you can have one hand holding your baby 

and one hand operating the daily baby log activities using Baby Tracker Lite.


    09-07-2012 02:35 AM