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    Webr - Create beautiful websites from your iPhone in just 4 steps…

    Designing websites has changed drastically in the past 20 years, from the days when minimal text sites were made by experts, to now where complex sites are being designed and built by people with little web design skill. Design times have gone from Months to Weeks to Hours and now it's even possible to create a nice blog, sitting at your computer.

    And now, there's Webr for the iPhone, the new evolution in websites. First and foremost, Webr makes web sites, not just blogs. This is where it's different; you can make a whole website from your iPhone in just 4steps. As Webr is designed for iPhone, it can be used from wherever you are. It's portable, so whether you are out shopping, on holiday, at a meeting or whatever you're doing, with a few taps here and there you've created or updated your site. Webr's intuitive themes do all the hard work – you choose a theme and let Webr do all the complex stuff.

    It couldn't be easier – a whole website in just 4 simple steps…. Have websites come so far? Let’s take a closer look at these 4steps……

    Step1. Add a title to your website.
    Step2. Then add pages to your website – There are 3 different types of pages you can choose from; Text
    pages, Image pages or Blog posts.
    Step3. Then choose a theme for your website - scroll through our gallery of themes and you'll be able to
    find the right one for you!
    Step4. The final step… Publish your website.

    It's really that simple and quick.Not only that, you can also share your website amongst a group, so family or friends can update and keep up with the site.

    Webr is perfect for;

    · Small businesses
    · Designers
    · Photographers
    · Artists
    · Sole-Traders
    · Anyone who wants a simple, quick, easy to build, easy to maintain website.

    Other features of Webr;

    · Create a Logo for your website
    · Make SEO changes from your iPhone
    · Create a site password

    I hope you all will enjoy it too, and leave reviews, many updates are lined up to be released in the future.

    Here is the link to the app on the App Store - App Store - Webr
    09-07-2012 02:26 AM

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