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    Want to humiliate your friends with hilarious captions? With Capify's revolutionary photo scan technology we will automatically pick the best cap for your pic. Then share it and show your friends how mad funny you are!

    Automatically add a random caption or insert a "most interesting man in the world" quote to your new or saved photos. If that does not tickle your fancy, add your own custom caption to make that picture worth 1 millionbazilliontrillion words!

    peep this...

    ✔ Hundreds of Captions With Multiple Categories of Captions
    ✔ PhotoScan Technology Matches Your Photo with the Best Caption
    ✔ Customize Your Own Caption or Edit One of Ours
    ✔ Drag and Place the Caption Anywhere Within the Photo
    ✔ Resize the Text for the Best Impact
    ✔ Choose From Your Photo Library or Use Your Camera
    ✔ Share the Capped Photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Email -OR- save it to your library for later.


    09-06-2012 10:58 AM