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    Hey all, long time lurker and decided to jump in on two projects our organization is and has delivered.

    Spazz TV
    We have our own video review channel, constantly reviewing games to help you decide if it's a game worth your time. Its our way to discover those hidden gems and indie games before they become a hit.

    COMING SOON @ Spazz TV | Facebook - SpazzTV (SpazzTV1) on Twitter

    APP - Spazzmania HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Game Ratings Tailored For Gamers
    Our ratings system was designed with a gamer in mind. We rate games based on what a gamer really wants to know such as Control, Sound, Graphics, Fun and Value.

    Video Game Trailers & Feedback
    Check game trailers before you buy to see what the game looks like in action and see what other gamers think. No need to leave the app to view a trailer.

    Game Tracking & Recommendations
    We give you the ability to track games you own, wanna play and have conquered! Customize push notifications to alert you when your game goes on sale. Spazzmania can also suggest games tailored for your gaming style.

    VIDEO : Spazzmania - Official Commercial - YouTube
    09-05-2012 02:35 AM