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    I am proud to introduce the TapIt Mobile Advertising Platform to the community.

    TapIt is a global mobile advertising company that works with the largest advertisers and agencies direct and through our Self-Serve Marketplace.

    We are excited to announce our recent plugins/wrappers for the amazing
    frameworks used to make iOS and Android Apps. Support Center : SDK Integration Help & Plugins

    We have introduced some amazing new ad units that are paying developers up to $10eCPM, as well as providing a host of ad units like traditional banners, interstitials, etc. Our Ad Units: Available Ad Types

    We also provide a FREE Mediation platform and house to enable developers to get maximum yield, without all the headaches. Free Mediation: Mediation Setting : Support Center

    We are running a contest for all developers this month. Its so cool, you can even win a Rolex Watch J Contest Details:September Stimulus Package

    We are dedicated to our developers, and geeks at heart. Help us put more money in your pocket and lets have some fun!

    Feel free to ping me via:
    -Forum PM
-Email -
-Skype: tapit.zac
    Or any one of our developer support staff to learn more.
    Looking forward to connecting.

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