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    Dear All:

    Our new free game "Kung-Fu Jump" is now available on app store!
    To celebrate this big event of ours, all our games are set to free from September 1 to September 7!

    In the first version of Kung-Fu Jump, we has released 30 stages of Story Mode (Easy), and will release the last 20 stages in the next patch (1.0.1), which will be online within 2 weeks.

    Kung-Fu Jump iTunes Link
    App Store - Kung-Fu Jump

    Kung-Fu Jump 1.0.0 Gameplay

    After 1.0.1, we are planning on release more new content such as Endless Mode, harder version of Story Mode, and more new stages, characters, items.

    Games affected by this event include:

    1.Castles Conqueror A real-time strategy game with 2 different commanders, role-playing system and 100 levels.
    App Store - Castles Conqueror

    2.Crystal Soul A unique match game with role-playing elements. Choose from 3 classes (Soldier, Ranger or Mage) to play through Adventure mode or Survival mode.
    App Store - Crystal Soul

    3.Crystal Dash A new kind of match game with skills, 2 game modes and highly repeatable game experience.
    App Store - Crystal Dash

    4.Crystal Dash HD The refined iPad version of Crystal Dash.
    Crystal Dash HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    5.Good Santa Bad Santa A holiday action game combines gifting and shooting. Choose from good or bad Santa to travel through country related stages.
    App Store - Good Santa Bad Santa
    09-03-2012 09:39 PM