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    Hi there,

    I'd like to tell you about a game that me and a couple of buddies of mine have been working on over the past year in our spare time. It's out now and we're really excited we can finally share it with the world!

    The games is called Colorcut and it's a fun yet challenging game where you slice combinations of colorful balls in order to get bonuses and score big points. That may already sound a bit familiar to you, but there's a twist! Instead of mindlessly slashing everything you see onscreen, you need to devise a strategy that will allow you to play longer and score higher. Different combinations of the base colors give you different perks: orange for time, green for a bigger multiplier, and purple for taps that allow the player to slow balls in their flight. Various bonuses help you along the way and open up new strategic possibilities.

    The game has several modes that help it appeal to all sorts of gamers. There's the "Adventure" mode, comprised of three difficulty levels, that introduces the basic mechanics of the game through a series of fun challenges. Casual players will enjoy the "Relax" mode, where they can zen out and cut balls just for the fun of it, as well as to score huge points. "Classic" is the central mode of the game, a race for the biggest score that puts your skills to the ultimate test.

    The whole experience is complemented by an amazing and enchanting soundtack with subtle sound effects, bright and colorful artwork and a smooth 60fps performance on all supported devices. The game is integrated with GameCenter with a ton of achievements and various global leaderboards. And you can also send tweets or post your best results on your Facebook wall directly from within the game.

    You can see screens and a gameplay video at the official site.

    And of course you can get the game from the App Store

    If you want to check the game out, here are a few promo codes you can use:
    • 7RA744M3FX66
    • FAYKPP9X6HY3
    • AAPMW9A4E794

    If you do use one, please add a message to this thread and include the code you've used so other people know it's been taken.

    I would love to hear what you all think about the game and if you have any questions or suggestions. We'll be updating the game with more content in the future and feedback from players is going to be a major factor in the ways the game evolves.

    09-03-2012 02:47 PM

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