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    Search is over, RockPlayer2 plays everything, playback is fluently, image quality is excelent and it brings so many innovative experiences.

    Download RockPlayer2 (FREE) :RockPlayer2 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Official Website : RockPlayer

    Are you looking something different? Need a player to play MKV,AVI,RMVB,MOV,DIVX,WEBM,FLAC,APE ? Are you "lazy" enough to hate the small seeking bar and small pause button? Do you want to share the fun video clip to the friends beside you? RockPlayer2 is the answer.

    RockPlayer2 can smooth playback the 720p MKV , RMVB files on iPhone 4s and iPad 2. Support almost all the formats of media files in the world.
    RockPlayer was the best media player on android, now the second editon RockPlayer 2 come to iOS.
    Not only the great decoding engine, RockPlayer 2 comes with more functions, for example:

    RockShare: you can share your media file with your friends just using your iPhone and iPad, you dont need PC and Mac anymore. When in the same wifi, all the iPhone and iPad with RockPlayer2 now can delivery files for each other.

    Customization Panel: you can customize your control bar using Customization panel , to keep your playback view clean and high performance. Just long press on the control bar, Choose the functions you need and replace them ,then you can get it.Like customizing your dock on your iPhone .

    Key Features:
    Supports many formats, forget format converting from now on.
    High performance, take advantage of hardware automatically.
    Smart UI, beautiful, neat and easy to use.
    FreeSeek : we reinvented progress bar, it is a piece of cake to seek by one hand.
    Gesture! Control the playing by finger moving.
    Full functional file manager, you may create folder, move files, delete or rename. It is so easy to keep mass in order.
    Support sound track switching and external SRT subtitle.
    Playback control bar is customize-able, create a Rock Player specifically for you!
    Auto load external .srt subtitle with same name of the media file.
    It is easy to put media files into app, iTunes Sharing, Web Browser uploading, WebDAV file access, FTP uploading are all support, plus RockShare which makes it simple and easy to exchange files between devices.
    *Waiting is worth! Rock Player is popular in another popular mobile platform for years, now it runs on iOS with totally new user experience and it will run on more platforms. RockShare helps you to exchange medias between any of these platforms.
    09-03-2012 04:02 AM