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    If you are looking for a fair speedometer app, not based on a "steal a buck and run away" schema, you may try our "Speedometer Speed Limit Alert and Trip Cost Monitor" app.
    We made our best to provide you with accurate speed readings and preset limits alert, in either foreground or background modes.

    Max and average speed, altitude, sunrise/sunset info may all come handy when you drive.

    We also added a unique feature in our most recent release - Trip Cost Monitor. When you enter price per gallon or liter, MPG or liters per 100km, Trip Cost Monitor dash panel will show you the calculated cost as you drive. An extra cost per km or mile is supported as well.

    We have a few PROMO-CODES ready for those who are ready to try our speedo!

    Greetings to all forum users,
    Stan, the author.

    And sorry, forgot the iTunes link:
    Speedometer - Speed Limit Alert and Trip Cost Monitor. Control Your speed and expenses
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    hmmmm i wonder what's its use?
    09-01-2012 07:16 AM
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    I put together few entries on the blog for how "Trip Cost Monitor" feature can be used:
    "My friend use me as a taxi, how I use Trip Cost Monitor as a taximeter " - Blocoware iPhone Apps - News: iPhone/iPad Trip Cost Monitor – “My friends use me as a taxi!!! How do I use Trip Cost Calculator as a taximeter?”
    "I want to know the cost of driving to work, shop or anywhere!" - Blocoware iPhone Apps - News: Trip Cost Monitor for iPhones and iPads. “I want to know the cost of driving to work, shop or anywhere!”

    As for the Speedometer with speed limits. You set speed limits to what you like and then apply with a single tap, once your speed is over the preset limit, digits go red and sound alert goes off.

    I'll see how to send you a promo-code, so you can have a free try.
    09-01-2012 07:24 AM
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    As I'm not able yet to post privately to those who are interested in giving the app a test drive, here are few promo codes:

    Hope you'll like the app!

    If all of them have been taken, please shout! .
    09-01-2012 07:44 AM
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    Thanks for the codes
    09-02-2012 07:08 AM