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    ★★★ A preview of tweetary, out soon in September for the iPad and iPhone! ★★★
    tweetary | your personal twitter diary & more

    tweetary is more than just a BEAUTIFUL twitter client. It REDEFINES the twitter experience by combining the power of a DIARY with twitter plus a little MORE. tweetary allows you to be yourself! Go ahead and SAVE tweets that MATTER to you. Not only can you archive your tweets, but express yourself by privately annotating them by adding as much extra content and pictures as you want!



    tweetary works with you,to keep the tweets that matter to you SAFE. All the tweets you post online are AUTOMATICALLY archived,
    and searchable offline in tweetary. And just like a journal or diary, you can annotate them, adding pictures and text whether online or offline. So that romantic trip you took, now you can add extra context , inserting images and saying what you really felt. Instead of working with tweets, you can even create your own tweetaries. Plus all of these entries are kept PRIVATE and OFFLINE. Just like your personal diary. And you can password lock it so no one else can read it.. Now isn't that just awesome! If you choose to, you can even SHARE your private tweetaries via email.

    tweetary not only archives your PERSONAL tweets, but ANY tweet on your timeline can be "tweetarised" by a touch of a button! Whether its a funny tweet or a great story, you can tweetarise it for later. You can still go and add extra content privately to these tweetaries as well!

    Watchlists are yet another revolutionary feature. tweetary allows you to create intelligent lists that WATCH your timeline for specific words, phrases, hashtags and @screen-names that interest YOU. Any tweets that match are automatically saved and tweetarised! You will never again miss tweets that you CARE about.

    tweetary brings you yet another first. Our powerful algorithms gather tweets and munch it up in seconds to give you stunning infographics that help you gain INCREDIBLE INSIGHTS on how YOU and your twitter connections use twitter.
    It's packed with 6 amazing INFOGRAPHICS that tell you when you use twitter,what you say when you are online and more.

    Oh and did we mention all of this is SYNCED and backed up through iCloud?
    tweetary makes full use of icloud,which means your diary is synced across ALL your devices. Whether you are working on your iPad, ipod touch, or on your iphone, your tweetary goes WHEREVER you go.
    FINALLY, you can have all your ideas with you in ONE place,wherever you are, in tweetary.

    We know how your timeline can get busy, tweetary comes with custom filters that allow you to sort and organize your timeline in ways that no other twitter app can do. You can GROUP your timeline by screen names, FILTER out tweets that contain images and links, or even REVERSE your entire timeline, so your tweets load from the bottom down, allowing you to read conversations naturally as they EVOLVE. We did this because we love twitter as much as you do and we UNDERSTAND that you want more FLEXIBILITY and CONTROL to use twitter the way you want to use it.

    tweetary comes packed with all the features you would expect from a twitter app. Allowing you to send direct messages, retweet, search and more. Plus tweetary is a universal app, one purchase opens up the tweetary experience on your iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. So when it comes to getting updates no platform is left behind.

    We know how much you love eye candy, and we do too. That's why we optimized tweetary for the iPhone and iPad
    retina displays. tweetary is built & designed to take advantage of the gorgeous new ipad 2048 x 1536 display, twitter has never looked this good before.
    And all this combined makes tweetary the most beautiful twitter app you'll ever come across.

    created with lots of love from Cape Town, South Africa by by Michael and Frederick Dube of Tappnology.
    Visit tweetary | your personal twitter diary & more and signup for our newsletter or follow us on twitter to be the first to find out about the September 2012 release date!
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