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    Hi guys,

    Not sure this is the right place to ask, but because i'm a long time imore fan, I think I will try my luck here :-)

    I'm an application developer looking for some test users that can help me test a small App I'm working on.

    Its a simple heart beat detection app ( guess what, another one :-] ) that is using your phone camera to detect your heartbeat. I need around 10-20 users to play with the app, and get some feedback. Currently I dont have an iPhone 4, and that device might be a problem, as I'm developing my algorithm using my 4S model so, iPhone 4 owners, you are welcome

    If I get this app finished, and approved by Apple, I will make sure everyone gets a Promo Code.

    If anyone wants to get the app, send me a PM with your device UDID, and I will upload the app to testflight.

    You also can check Heart Beat Pro ? Home for some screenshots, thou the website is under construction, but you can switch the tabs as each one has a screen shot.

    Thanks a lot guys.
    (Sorry for my english, Romanian guy here :-] )
    08-23-2012 03:46 PM