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    Our upcoming games are combined in 1 package and released as "Gripati". Available now : App Store - Gripati

    Gripati is a collection of 9 different game styles in 1 package. It is designed for demonstration of our upcoming games.
    You can vote for anyone to show us how much we should work harder or how much we succeed.

    9 Different Game Styles / Prototypes;
☆ Galaxy : Retro asteroid (touch screen)
☆ Bounce : Platform by side view (d-pad)

    ☆ Character : Arcade by 3rd person view (joystick)

    ☆ Helicopter : Shooting by 3rd person view (accelerometer)

    ☆ Icy Arena : Balance by top view (accelerometer)
    ☆ Jet Ski : Endless run by 3rd person view (touch screen - swipe)
    ☆ RC Race Circuit : Racing by 3rd person view (wheel joystick)
    ☆ Labyrinth : Puzzle by top view (accelerometer)

    ☆ Motorbike : Endless motor drive by 3rd person view (accelerometer)

    Gripati Digital Entertainment
    Visit us: Gripati Digital Entertainment
    Follow us: GriPati (GriPati) on Twitter
    Watch us: GriPati Digital Entertainment - YouTube
    08-16-2012 03:33 AM
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    That's a good value pack of games, on paper, I worry about the quality.
    08-16-2012 01:50 PM