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    Find your most favorite puzzle game for iPad and iPhone here. I have just recently downloaded
    it on my retina iPad and didn't believe that such simple and at the same time so beautiful game
    could take my attention.

    First it was interesting to me how the painting would look on my retina display. Then when I saw
    that it looked just amazing I tried to seriously play this game. And I was shocked how Art Spot
    could draw people.

    All that you will need to do is to find 5 differences in 16 different puzzles. You will see to
    paintings but with five differences, so find all of them for less time. You will be also able to
    replay puzzles thereby to improve your scores.

    Just go to iTunes and buy Art Spot the Game only for $0.99. Enjoy it on your iPhone and iPad every time you want and with every person you like because this game is good for any one. And it is no matter if it is your son/daughter/wife or just your friend.

    I'm sure you like it. Am I right?
    08-15-2012 04:16 AM

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