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    Hi everyone!

    We're developing a helicopter side-scroller, inspired by iCopter. We thought that the game might be more fun with really great graphics, cool sounds, etc..

    Here's a current screenshot:

    And here's our most recent video preview:

    Anyways, we're ready to start testing the app with a larger pool of people and we need about 50 beta testers. Right now we're trying to get feedback on three things:

    1. How are the tapping controls? Should they be more/less sensitive?
    2. How does the gravity feel when the helicopter falls? Should it be weaker/stronger?
    3. Can you find any bugs?

    Of course, general feedback is always appreciated!

    If you would like to test, please sign up on TestFlight: http://tflig.ht/mSSRqn

    We'd also be forever grateful if you visit our Facebook page and website:
    The Helicopter App - An amazing new game for iPhone and iPod Touch
    The Helicopter | Facebook

    08-15-2012 02:32 AM