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    The most EXCITING and SPLENDID village defense game.

    ★★★ GAME UPGRADED! ★★★ Let's Go Conquering!

    To protect the village from attacks, the Ninja Guard has to keep wiping out enemies courageously by himself. However, simultaneously, Ninja Guard cannot wipe the enemies “blindly” or too “frequently”, or he will use up all the energy and be exhausted. This is real a challenge for Ninja Guard to overcome.

    Meanwhile, combating with numbers of different monsters coming to invade the village, Ninja Guard needs to be not only brave, powerful, but also “well-equipped”. When Ninja Guard wipes intruders, he will be rewarded and be able to barter for equipment and supplies to confront the following upcoming adversaries.

    --------★★★Key Features★★★--------
    ★TERRIFIC: Gorgeous design and ravishing game scene
    ★EXCITING: Varied monsters & enemies are here waiting to challenge you; and each one of them has different characteristics
    ★CHALLENGING: Face diverse challenges! Multi-stages and various bosses await you!
    ★REWARDED: Get prizes to barter for weapons and supplies to equip the Ninja Guard
    ★FULFILLING & SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT: Ninja Guard can become more strong and powerful by obtaining equipment and supplies at the shop
    ★BET ON IT:Various special skills supported to wipe out enemies
    ★GAME CENTER Supported
    ★ENDLESS MODE : Taking Up the Challenges
    ★MINI GAMES : Enhancing Game’s Diversification and the Chance to Earn Rewards
    ★MISSION LIST : Fulfilling Your Sense of Achievement
    ★FACEBOOK SHARING : “Showing off” Your Accomplishment and Getting Rewards

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    08-13-2012 10:19 PM
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    Great. A defense game that is not strictly a button mashing game that also incorporates some strategy.
    08-14-2012 10:57 AM

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