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    Neon Starlight is a 3D scifi themed adventure puzzle game for iOS

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    Neon Starlight

    In the distant future a utopian society reaches for the stars harvesting energy from 10,000 suns. An intrepid maintenance droid will be the genesis of rebirth...

    Navigate 18 levels of science fiction themed adventure puzzles designed to infuriate and entertain you. As Neon, an intrepid maintenance droid, you tour the universe looking after SolVests energy harvesting facility.

    In a dynamic world you strive to clear energy leaks and pollucite crystals from each level and find out how SolVest can leap forward into the future with the help of the mysterious Emerald Scout Team and the Cubix. Conserve your energy though as your game ends if it is depleted.

    Enjoy exploring the intrepid universe of Neon Starlight and let us know what you think!
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