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    Everything began on that day…
    In history, pirates are dominating the seas and oceans all the time. And one of them, the 'Pirate King' has hidden huge treasures in some corner over the world, and spread out this news before death. People began their dream voyages eagerly, and our cutie sheep, Mogi, stepped his way to the ocean as well. But there are jewels monsters that are blocking his way…

    Jewel Pirate is simple but yet challenging. Touch, select and move to form a straight line of 3 jewel blocks of the same color to destroy it. You can clear the stage after destroyed certain amount of jewel monsters (when the 'clear bar' became full). Game is over when any of them reaches the deadline.

    The overall style is cute and colorful with many special effects. There are different stages with wonderful backgrounds (sometimes it even grabs my sight from those monsters, haha). From these cute pictures you might think everything is childish, well, only for the first two stages when there are only 3 or 4 types of monsters. You can taste the hell of 6 colors at the later stages. You will get some coins after each playing.

    There is a combo mode when you make some combos, and you can destroy any monster you touched at a period of time.

    Well, as I said before, 6-color stage is a nightmare. So coins are extremely useful now. There are some items to help you beat them.

    Oh, where is Mogi? Well… dressing. The coins can be used to buy clothes. Now we can make our own Mogi.

    You can show your Mogi to you friends once you have logged into the game with your Facebook account and see your Facebook friends who have played this game.

    But what I think the most awesome one is the Bluetooth vs. mode. It is somewhat like Tetris battle, your can sent 'gift' jewels to your opponent while you are destroying.

    This game is simple yet comes with sincerity. The social network connection and cutie Mogi bring an exciting experience to players.

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    08-13-2012 03:36 AM