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    This summer’s hottest event – The London Games- Is finally here! This will allow you to “London Guess”, giving you a chance to participate in some friendly competition, while simultaneously staying up to date on the latest news and results from the London Games. Using the official 2012 London Olympics Event schedule you can make your predictions on which countries you think are going to win gold or silver, and put your Olympic knowledge up against the rest of the world. While debating who to choose to win what events you can discuss the events that are about to take place, or events in which the results are already in. It gives you a chance to stay up to date on the Olympics while competing with friends all from the palm of your hand!

    Official Website:Welcome to London Guess
    Download Portals:
    1.Apple users:
    App Store - London Guess
    Direct IPA download: http://cn.iguess2012.com/london_guess.ipa

    2.Android Users:
    Direct APK download: http://cn.iguess2012.com/londonguess2012.apk

    3.Windows Phone users:
    08-08-2012 11:08 PM

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