1. Diablosally's Avatar
    Now the game is for free,creepy cutters is such a great game ,you can not miss it
    Wanna go back to the scene in SAW where flesh and blood smell spread all in the air?
    Remember the hideous corpse in 5nal Destination?
    Creepy Cutters brings you back to the crime scene!
    Watch out!! Blood spit everywhere and flesh rots in the corner!

    Traps are set amongst deserted cemetery;
    Dangers are hidden under piling-up skeletons;
    Risk remains under cover in haunted dark room.
    How to keep your fingers intact?

    3 options of scenes and 3 difficulties for your challenge!!

    1. Need some warm exercise? Or go straight to the challenge.
    2. Include single player mode and PVP mode.
    3. Place your finger at the dock when you see “Ready” on screen. Remove your finger from the screen before it gets cut into pieces!!
    4. Challenge your reaction limits!!!!
    08-08-2012 04:00 AM
  2. Well Placed Cactus's Avatar
    Geez.. I don't know whether to be excited, terrified or just totally freaked out. Maybe a bit of all three! Is the game out yet? Will have to give it a go.
    08-12-2012 07:28 PM