1. Ghosttown's Avatar
    Hello folks,
    I just got my 4S Friday and love it. Coming from an LG Ally who knew a phone could be this easy to use and work so well?! Haha.

    My only question / complaint at this point is how come the stock weather app / notification in the tray does not update consistently? Even when I open it it says it updates, but still displays the conditions from up to 48 hours ago? I have noticed this on Wifi and 3G. Not sure if I possibly have something set wrong or there is a way to force it to update other than opening?
    Thanks again!
    This is a great community that I am happy to be a part of!
    08-07-2012 11:50 AM
  2. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    It's possible that the weather station in your area that pulls for updates could be having an issue. What you could try is put your phone into airplane mode for about 30 seconds and switch it back off, maybe something got "stuck" and that will re-connect you, so to speak.

    and welcome to iMore btw
    08-07-2012 12:14 PM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    It could be the server from which the app gets its update.
    08-07-2012 12:15 PM
  4. kch50428's Avatar
    It could be the server from which the app gets its update.
    The Stock Weather App is Yahoo based... I don't know how often they update, and what they use for weather stations to source data from - a weather station being down or a flaky server could be the source of lagging updates...

    The original poster may want to consider one of the many apps that report current conditions from multiple sources - like apps that use Weather Underground as a data source.
    08-07-2012 12:22 PM
  5. Ghosttown's Avatar
    I appreciate it, thanks for the tips and suggestions. I was wondering too if it may be a Yahoo issue and not necessarily on my end. I do have the Weather Live app installed that I have been using too, albeit just the free version. I am guessing that in order for it to appear in my tray i will have to purchase it.
    Thanks again!
    08-07-2012 12:33 PM