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    Hey, i just wanted to announce my game which i was working on as a project on faculty and it had the potential to be improved. So i made better graphics and improved the gameplay. The game for now has only one level, but i'm hopping, if i get a good response from you guys, that i'll be expanding it and making more levels. It's a universal build so you will be able to play it on all iOS devices, i should just mention it lags a bit on iPhone4 and below...but it works perfectly on the newer versions, especially on iPads.

    The Path Of Zinx is a funny adventure game. Find your way trough the mystical prehistoric snakes and birds by eliminating them or solving a puzzle to avoid them. Be aware of the hot lava and falling logs. There are many challenges that await you.

    -nice looking graphics
    -smart enemies
    -many puzzles

    It's FREE and it has no ads in it!

    It will be published on the App store on the 10th of August, i'll post a download link soon.

    I'm posting a video and some screenshots.

    You can contact me on roccofriday@gmail.com for any bugs or info, thanks.

    Zinx iPhone/iPad game trailer - YouTube
    08-07-2012 08:01 AM