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    My name is Belal Farooqui and I'm part of a very small indie game company that has released their first game on the iPhone app store and would like you to try it out.

    App Store - Samurai Dolls

    Game Description:

    Samurai Dolls

    "A beautifully crafted 3d game with a fun twist on the traditional whack-a-mole incorporating
    ninjas, samurai, monkeys, bombs and much much more! Use the
    in-game stores to customize your own unique samurai rooms and backgrounds with the credits that
    you earn for playing.
    Game consists of 4 modes, targeted toward casual and expert gamers alike."

    Please take a look at our game. We will really appreciate it.

    Thank you!
    Belal Farooqui

    P.S Kindly take 5 mins out of your time and rate us too, this really makes a huge difference for starting companies.
    Thank you again.
    08-06-2012 05:23 PM

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