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    This week Magic stars will give some CDkeys ,welcome ,to us ,do not forget a screen-shot.

    Weekend flashed by, we cannot afford traveling to distant lands with exhausted body, but our eyes are always up for a journey! Say goodbye to the tedious “otaku" and give a break to the eyes and mind, the journey begins in magic stars!

    Magic Stars operation is simple but requires a lot of intelligence to complete level. Even the thought to be able to drown in this beautiful scenario and breezy melody would make you have a wonderful mood. Entering the game, player sees a dimming sky of cold stars, all you need to do is use your strategy to light up the sky and let the stars shine again.

    Players follow the first level tutorial and will quickly understand the gameplay. The scenario presents an elegant curve halo surrounding a number of stars. Every star has a light scattering angle, according to the different characteristics of each star in each level, within limited opportunity, players move the stars transmitter to the best location, and then just gently tap on the transmitter, and let the stars penetrating and light all the stars.

    The game may seem simple, but a smooth full three-star clearance is not easy, including all kinds of puzzle game to maintain a certain degree of difficulty, educational and not mentally retarded. Magic stars, however, the more attractive thing about it is the fresh and natural style of picture and sound features, dream-like, indulge them, relax taut brain, relieve suppressed, depressed mood, massage the tired eyes of the sluggish and greatly enhance the gaming experience effect.

    Beautiful picture and sound packaging of the puzzle playable game operating supplemented fantasy, magic stars' excellent sense of the quality is self-evident. Quietness of the night sky, slight breeze, butterflies dancing, beautiful screen, with romantic music, the game has every element that people cannot resist! This weekend, let the eyes travel!

    Now this game is on sale. Come to share with your sweetheart!!!

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    08-06-2012 02:54 AM