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    Just came out with a new app called "Geek Units"

    For the apple fan who has every other app, here's one for you. At this point you probably already have the world's best unit converter, which is good cause this ain't it.

    If you want to convert feet into miles, or seconds into hours, go get a regular unit converter... but if you want to convert dollars into galleons or galactic credits and even Zelda Rupees?... if you need to convert hours into Romulan cycles... or even inches into smurfberries? Then this is the app for you. We take normal measurement units and convert them to your favorite fictional, historic, or little known units. We've put in an incredible amount of research and calculations to come up with each conversion and we explain our methods inside the app. You're guaranteed to have fun and learn a thing or two. Too many units to include and more updates are coming. What are you waiting for? The app will take less than a dendar to download...

    If anybody has any tips or suggestions for new units to add, please add a reply here. We could use more suggestions.
    08-04-2012 07:19 PM