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    Hi All!

    StudyPad just released "Letís Learn Time - Interactive app for elementary school kids"

    iTunes URL: Let's Learn Time - Interactive app for elementary school kids for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Let's Learn Time is an engaging and interactive app for iPad that teaches time to elementary and pre-school kids. Beautifully designed in an exciting Jungle theme with crisp and clear clock designs, encouraging voice-overs and cheerful background music, this app creates a kid-friendly environment to enhance their learning experience.

    ★ Educational
● Easy and fun way for kids to learn by sight, sound and touch
    ● Broken up into 8 different topics that gives children several ways to practice the concepts.
    ● Lessons have animated examples with interactive content, voice overs and bright colorful graphics

    ● Tests have interactive problems to assess kid's mastery of concepts
● All content is aligned to Common Core State Standards

    Price: $1.99

    Designed for Ages: 4-9

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    08-03-2012 04:42 PM

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