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    Founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in 2012 - ShadeApps is one of the few Russian IT startups that concentrate solely on creating applications for iOS devices.
    At ShadeApps we set out to create a new category of iOS applications. The ones we call "meaningful". This kind of mobile applications is not new to the AppStore but we wanted to bring more depth and more profoundness to them. With our apps, we want our users to benefit. We want to make their life better by giving them a ton of resources and information on a narrow topic. Like with "LiveLonger" where we are uncovering a lot of mysteries and secrets of longevity, provide different strategies on how to achieve it, give real-life examples of people who lived more than 100 years - all for our users to educate themselves, grab the necessary information with them and continue their journey through life well-equipped and having all the necessary instruments for making their life longer. All this in their iPhone or iPod touch, with all this priceless information with them anywhere they are.

    Just search the AppStore for "LiveLonger" to download the app!

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    08-02-2012 08:30 AM