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    Let your kid learn animals while playing with Happy Pets!
    Happy Pets is a free app with vivid pictures and kid-friendly interface. The kid looks at a random pic of an animal, picks the right name for it from the list and drags it to the image. A female voice says the word if the child is right, and cheers him or her up if the guess is wrong.

    Tap an animal & it'll go mew, chirp or whatever. The kid can also guess the animal by it's diet - this you can see in the cloud beside an animal. Finally, the user can switch the language to Russian/English right from the menu.

    Happy Pets is a free no-ad app, that has one built-in purchase (you can get more pets for $0.99):


    You can view the video of the game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Plkv4eb1kA

    Get yourself a nice family evening with Happy Pets!
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    08-01-2012 04:11 AM
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    I have been using "Five little monkeys" app for teaching my kids. Happy pets seems quite nice for educating them about animals, I have installed it on my iPad. The concept is good but the graphics need to be improved.
    08-01-2012 07:20 AM

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