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    TwtBooth is a simple and convenient way to view photos posted on Twitter, regardless if the photo was taken through Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic, Lockerz, yFrog, img.ly, etc.)

    There is no need in searching someone’s entire timeline in an attempt to find a picture. TwtBooth does that for you. TwtBooth not only allows you be able to see photos tweeted, but it also allows you to see who tweeted the photo, the date it was tweeted, and the tweet that was associated with the photo.

    ★ New – be able to quickly see the latest photos that have been tweeted by the people you follow. The New page shows a maximum of 48 pics from the latest 800 tweets on your timeline.
    ★ Photo – be able to view all of your photos that you’ve tweeted without having to go through your entire timeline
    ★ Followers/Following – want to see all the photos tweeted by a particular follower or someone who is following you? No problem!
    ★ Search – search for anyone on Twitter and view the photos they have tweeted. (Unless the person has a private profile and you are not following that particular person.)

    ★ View photos posted on Twitter, whether the photos was posted via Twitpic, Lockerz, Instagram, Twitter, yFrog, etc.
    ★ Reply to photos you are looking at. Just like you respond to someone’s tweet, TwtBooth allows you to tweet a response to a photo that you are viewing.
    ★ View all new photos on your timeline.
    ★ Be able to view all of your photos, photos posted by your followers, and the people you are following

    ★ Depending on your Internet connection, please allow 10-20 seconds for photo sets to upload
    ★ If the person’s page does not have many photos, it may take a while for the photos to load.
    07-30-2012 06:29 PM