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    My name is Vitaly, I am representative of Avko Labs.
    Avko Labs is a new ambitious company that develops games for BB, iOS, Android and WP7. Im glad to present you our new game Squirrel Story. Its funny game with extremely beautiful design.

    It is available on iPod, iPhone, iPad.

    Free version release July, 29:
    App Store - A Squirrel Story

    Premium version (release on July, 25):
    App Store - A Squirrel Story Premium

    About the game.

    There is a squirrel, which jumps to the wood goblin to get map treasure. While jumping she collects coins and diamonds to buy in shop various upgrades, which help her to avoid different obstacles. In the shop squirrel can buy:
    Antidote, Antigiddiness, Antimud (decrease effects of negative elements)
    Antiobstacle ( helps to get over obstacles)
    Extra jump (increases jumping high)
    Prices hike (increases number of tasty things)
    Resurrection (ability to restart the game from the last check-point)
    Squirrel power (increases jumping distance)
    Super slow down (slows down barrel rotation)
    Trajectory (shows squirrel trajectory)

    Also squirrel have ability to change her clothes! She can jump as Spider Man, Santa Claus, Batman, robot or bandit.

    The game has two versions: free and premium. In premium version there are no adds and squirrel has 20 000 coins and 10 diamonds from the start. All other features are the same.

    Have fun!

    Avko Labs Website: Avko Labs LLC
    Avko Labs Facebook Page: Avko Labs | Facebook
    Avko Labs Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AvkoLabs
    Contact Email: avkogames@yahoo.com
    07-30-2012 07:25 AM