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    TrulyShare is a free iPhone application that makes it easy for you to share the products you love with your friends. Think things you can buy at a store. Perhaps a pair of shoes you rock, your new laptop, or that cool watch you want to show off--anything goes, as long as you can buy it at a store!

    If your skeptical, people actually share products! Let me prove it to you.

    Okay now that your convinced, how do you use TrulyShare?
    This is as easy as 1-2-3-4.
    - Step 1: Capture It: Take a picture of the awesome product you love and tag it.
    - Step 2: Say Something: Write a short caption for your picture to say why you love the product.
    - Step 3: Simply Share It: By e-mail, on Facebook, or on Twitter. (Tumblr and pinterest coming soon)
    - Step 4: Wait for the love from your friends to roll in! Bette yet , if your friend buys something you shared, you get $$ back!

    For the platforms we dont yet support simply go to your camera roll and find the pic we created and share it from there!

    Its very simple. The itunes pictures need to be updated, but here are pics from the most recent version! Here is the link to it in the app store App Store - TrulyShare

    Thanks for your time!

    07-28-2012 12:42 PM