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    My name is Jennifer, I am representative of Avko Labs.
    Avko Labs is a new ambitious company that develops games for BB, iOS, Google Play, Nook, Amazom, WP7.
    Iím glad to present you our new game Plane in Storm. It is a dangerous and addictive game, where you are pilot and have to save passengerís lives. Could you please review the game on your web-site?

    It is available on iPod, iPhone, iPad.

    Plane in Storm for iOS:
    Free version:
    App Store - A Plane in Storm
    App Store - A Plane in Storm Premium

    About the game.
    The plane is caught in bad weather; lives of people depend on pilotís skills and courage. The pilot has no choice but escape storm clouds. The plane can go up and down trying to avoid flying cows, cars, houses and other obstacles. On its way there will be bonuses and stars that will help a player to complete the game.
    -2 game modes: Destination Unknown and Reach in Time
    -Super skills and items:
    *clouds cleaner that moves all clouds,
    *nitro that increases speed,
    *lightning protector that protects from thunderbolt,
    *spring that pushes away from the plane all flying objects;
    - bonuses and stars!
    The game has pretty design, bright colors and horrendous music; itís for people, who like danger and riskiness.

    You will definitely like it!!!

    Plane in Storm FB: Plane in Storm - Avko Labs Game | Facebook
    Avko Labs Website: Avko Labs LLC
    Avko Labs Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/AvkoLabs
    Contact Email: avkogames@yahoo.com
    07-26-2012 06:20 AM