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    Dragon Town is a magic-theme puzzle game in which you try to build the greatest possible town. More valuable units you make, more points you earn. You build your town by matching three or more game units: combine three soldiers to make one swordsman, three swordsmen to make one sorcererÖuntil youíve filled the board with all highest units. You have to combine the power both of sword and magic power, to fight for the forces of evil dragon, then you can get the treasures of the evil dragon.

    You have a limited geographical space, but you need to match the units appropriately in order to get more points as you can, as well as to win evil dragonís treasures.

    You also can buy more moves in store when you run out of moves, even though they replenish for free if you wait a while.

    What are you waiting for? Letís enjoy the endless fun of this fantasy world!

    === Game features ===
    -10 kinds of fantasy units
    -Unlimited combinations of units
    -Various powerful fantasy props
    -Excellent graphics and original soundtrack

    07-26-2012 03:07 AM