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    Almosaly app for IPhone :

    A must owned islamic application helps you to regularly do your prayers, fasting, azkar, and Quran, to be continuously close to Allah.


    1- Shows prayer times daily or for a whole week with any date you specify.
    2- Shows Qibla direction with respect to: North, Sun and Moon direction.
    3- GPS is supported to get prayer times or Qibla direction wherever you are.
    4- Fajr call list: lets you awake your friends on Fajr prayer time, you choose your list from your contacts. (JAILBROKEN DEVICES ONLY)
    5- Hijri (Arabic) Calendar and its corresponding Gregorian calendar
    6- Ramadan Emsakeya(fajr and sunset) times
    7- Quran share alerts, and saving your last read position.
    8- Day and night Azkar, and after prayers azkar alerts and reading. You can also read the zekr book, "Hesn Al-Muslem", within AlMosally.
    9- Each prayer has its own alerts that you can adjust as you like: Alert for Azan time, before prayer times,and for iqama time .
    10- AlMosaly also alerts you for other islamic activities like: evening prayers(qiyam), Duha prayer, Azkar, fasting, Friday alerts, and more.
    11- You can select your location among thousands of cities all over the world, or you can add your custom location using GPS.
    12- On the application main screen we show selected videos for Mecca and Madina views.

    Download Almosaly From Here

    07-25-2012 07:45 AM