1. Alice Laquisha's Avatar
    Do you think you can describe the word 'Taboo' to someone else?

    Easy, right? Try doing it without using the words forbidden, bad, game, permit, or allow as clues. Oh, and you only get 24 letters to describe it. Thats exactly what Cant Say That! is about.

    Game Features

    Play With Friends (any iPhone or iPod Touch user) - Play with your Facebook friends and use inside jokes and references to create hilarious clues.

    Simple and Fun Gameplay - Take turns writing clever clues and guessing words at your own convenience (No frustrating time limits).

    Text Don't Talk - Quickly and easily type in clues and words to discreetly play anywhere, anytime (no sound required).

    Lifeline Power-ups - Stuck on a word? Use a Hint, Category, or Letter power-up or post to Facebook to get help from friends.

    Play Endlessly - Gain hundreds of new words every month and unlock tons of challenging, category-specific word packs.

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    07-25-2012 08:26 AM