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    Come here ,now the most interesting puzzle game at present is going to turn down its price.you can get the puzzle birds,the price used to be $9.99 now only need $0.99.You can not miss it.
    It is not angry bird; It’s a puzzle bird!!
    He strayed away from home; can you help him find his way back?
    “Puzzle birds” is a funny casual game; Now put down your endless work and enjoy some quality time with friends!!

    Collect the stars and get to the next level! If you want to take a challenge then you need to see whether you could unhook all the stars! Game has a cartoon background combined with relaxing music. Simple operation makes player handle quickly. Certain difficulties and not lose the challenge. Puzzle birds is a good parent-child educational game! You can download at the APP store. It also has a free version!
    Free iPhone version: App Store - Puzzle Birds free
    Free iPad version: Puzzle Birds free HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    07-25-2012 04:29 AM