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    BALZA Games, a small company formed from a very short time is proud to present his first game called Cluster, available here:

    iPad: Cluster HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    iPhone/iPod Touch: App Store - Cluster

    At the moment it is only available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch but we hope to distribute it soon also for android.

    CLUSTER was created in a month with GameSalad: the graphics was created by Fabiano "Deimos" Zaino that he also cured the game design with the programmer Patrick Balestra. The duo is flanked from another artist, Matteo Cacciari.
    At the moment we are working on our second game with the provisional name Death Balls - a survival arcade theme sci-fi.
    we are just born with a strong passion behind e we plan to release some little games but treated in detail: maybe something bigger in the futur, we don't know that

    Please download it!

    thanks for read this

    http://balzagames.wordpress.com]balza games
    07-25-2012 01:49 AM