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    The most popular and lovely puzzle game at present. Now you can buy one and get one free.But remember to give a screen-shot and reply to the thread.★ If you buy Doodle joy
    ★ You can get Star fleet Trek
    ★You can get the Promo Code of another game by reply to the thread
    ★ It really worth a try.
    Here I will tell you the fantastic of the two games:
    Doodle joy:
    If you're downloading the right app and you're willing to keep playing, eventually you'll be happy.
    Ever imagine little potato jumps up and down in front of you?
    Ever think of a moment when little potato is in your control?
    Breezy and fresh style, dynamic and hopping music;
    Experience the high in clouds as you are on roller coast,
    A moment to test little potato’s fragile bones has come!
    1. Tilt to move left or right, little potato’s journey begins.
    2. Rich options of items; Wanna ride a rocket? Soar above the sky? Believe in a land where anything’s possible!
    3. Easy, playable! Sensational recognizable app!@ little potato says: I just miss--- I miss being anonymous.

    Star fleet Trek will give you an experience in future life
    2046, And you can get get it for free.You can not miss it. Transformer War comes to an end.
    Cybertron, a planet left with devastation everywhere; friendly Auto-bots relocate to earth.
    Our planet becomes even jammed… Time has come that we have to explore outer space for new home.We live in a vast and infinite universe,And pass by Star travelers from every corner
    With sound of nature flowing by our ears,Sometimes tranquil, sometimes flaming;Not only are we facing the meteorite threat behind all dazzling sparkles,But also carry the responsibility of defending our homeland.
    What you need to do :
    1. Guide star travelers to designated ports;
    2. Easy switch between 2 game modes;
    3. 3 available scenes to present you a universal rhapsody;
    4. 10 air crafts at your call for super fun.
    07-24-2012 10:03 PM