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    The most popular and lovely puzzle game at present. Now you can buy one and get another one.But remember to give a screenshot.★ If you buy 3d space box
    ★ You can get star nightsky
    ★You can get the Promo Code of another game by reply to the thread
    ★ It really worth a try.
    Now I will introduce the two games to you.
    [Ios game]3d space box
    Gorgeous 3d era, strengthen difficulty and more challengeable 3d sokoban game.
    3d sokoban leads in various brand-new block lvs and strengthen the difficulty to test the spatial and logical thinking extremely. Abstruse graphic effects create a fantastic atmosphere for players; Ingenious 3d designing place players at the scene with a feeling of hunting around danger, rapid heart beating and cold sweat flying!

    You need to carefully design a line and crack various traps to delivery boxes to a specified position with no drop. 80 Lvs., from simple to complicated, challenge your thinking capacity limit..Now this game is on sale. Get it with only 99 cents.
    iPhone version: App Store - 3D Space Blox

    Star nightsky ,you buy 3d space box, get this game for free.*
    If you have played an old favorite, Splode, then you will immediately understand how to play Star NightSky. However, I will explain the concept for the uninitiated simply tap on the screen to trigger a chain reaction, and clear out the minimum requirement to move on to the next level.
    Star NightSky is a puzzle game that takes time and skill to do well in (as like all other puzzle games). There are two modes: Challenge and Time.

    Challenge is the basic mode that will have you clearing out a certain amount of stars before you can move on to the next level. Simply tap on the screen to trigger a ripple this ripple will cause stars that touch it to grow (and spin wildly) and also gets you points for each star. Any other stars that touch the expanded stars grow as well, starting the chain reaction. The stars only expand for a short amount of time, so if there are no more stars for the chain, it will end. If the chain ends without meeting the minimum amount of stars to clear the level, then you lose one of your five lives.
    In Time Mode, you have to finish the game in the remaining time.

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