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    Pomodoro Do is a powerful tool for Pomodoro Technique on iPhone. It is proved an efficient way to manage your time with it. And we believe it is the BEST practice to use Pomodoro Do for the time management.
    Pomodoro Do will help you to focus on what you do. Think about how many times you said "Can I focus on it even for 20 minutes?" Pomodoro Do will help you to not say that again! You can gain concentration and reduce a lot of wasting of time during the Pomodoro/Break/Pomodoro Cycles. Make friend with time from today!

    ✭ Standard Pomodoro Technique Tool. Help you to manage your time.
    ✭ Flexible Pomodoro time and Break time. Schedule your own pattern.
    ✭ Notifications. Just start working and wait for the ending alarm. Yes, it just works!
    ✭ Social network sharing. Your friends can help you to get efficient. Your boss may know how you are focusing on your work.
    ✭ Mottos, which make you gain an inner peace.
    ✭ Achievements. You can manage your time with target easily.
    ✭ Complete record of Pomodoro. You can review them in any time.

    Efficiency First, Time First. More info about Pomodoro, see official site (The Pomodoro Technique®).

    Do you want use Pomodoro Technique to get efficient? Do you want have a lot of free time? Why not try Pomodoro Do today!

    If you want more tips on time management and newest info about the app, follow us on Twitter: @PomodoroDo

    ======You can find more features in the app. Enjoy it ======

    For more, please visit the official site: Pomodoro Do – A powerful tool for Pomodoro on the iPhone

    Or contact me by email: pomodorodo@gmail.com
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