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    [iOS Game]3D Space Blox
    You must have played the most classic puzzle Sokoban game!
    Gorgeous 3D era, strengthen difficulty and more challengeable 3D Sokoban game. You can't miss it!

    After ten years, when we went into the museum and indulged in the Titanic again we all shocked by the 3D special effect. No matter in movie industry or game industry, from Titanic to Blox, 3D trend aroused many classic works and infused new lease of life.

    The old version of Sokoban derives from an ancient game in Japan.3D Sokoban upgrade completely and innovatively to cater to the mainstream of 3D era,allowing the player to enjoy a unique experience in a 3D Space.

    3D Sokoban leads in various brand-new block Lvs and strengthen the difficulty to test the spatial and logical thinking extremely. Abstruse graphic effects create a fantastic atmosphere for players; ingenious 3D designing place players at the scene with a feeling of hunting around danger, rapid heart beating and cold sweat flying!

    You need to carefully design a line and crack various traps to delivery boxes to a specified position with no drop. 80 Lvs., from simple to complicated, challenge your thinking capacity limit. Too early to be happy when you pass smoothly. Pass all with the least steps challenging you ultimately.

    Now this game is on sale. Get it with only 99 cents.

    iPhone version: App Store - 3D Space Blox
    07-19-2012 08:41 PM