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    Home Poker is the leading app where you can learn, with illustrated step-by step description, 40+ home poker games and poker variants, read tips on how to host you first poker night and search through a list of the most common poker terms to know what the pros are talking about.

    Home Poker app includes games from 3 major categories of card games: American poker (no introductions necessary), the traditional French game Poque and the famous Greek card game Poka. We assembled an extensive collection of 40+ poker games to choose from, sorted by style game -stud, community and wild card- as well as alphabetically. Our massive list of games extends from Texas HolEm to games you never knew existed like Obligations, Switch, Satellite, Thorned Cross and many more. We chose these games one-by-one. We are certain you will find them challenging, fun and we guarantee they will make your home poker game capturing and interesting.

    Home Poker Application

    Especially for the users of imore.com we offer the PROMO CODES below


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    Like our Facebook page and enter to WIN 10 Promo Codes of the Home Poker application for iPhone!!! All you have to do is Like the link page you see below until Sept 16!!!

    Home Poker Games | Facebook

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    We have added a NEW GAME: Striptease and it was sent to us by damike!!! Tell us what you think! Link is below

    [ http://thedealerschoice.net/categori.../78-striptease ]

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    We are happy to announce that we created a FREE Version for Home Poker application, Home Poker Lite!!! You are all welcome to download it and tell us what you think!


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    We have added a NEW GAME: O Christmas Tree!!! Dealer's Choice Team helps you get yourself into the Christmas Spirit :-)

    O Christmas Tree
    Dealer's Choice Poker Games

    We wish you Merry Chrstmas and a shiny & happy New Year!!!

    Dealer's Choice Team
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    We have updated our FREE app with a new home poker game: The H !!! Available for iPhone and Android

    Download FREE Version for iPhone

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    We have updated our poker app with 3 brand new home poker games!!!Tell us what you think!
    ~Black Widow
    ~Corner Kick

    Check it on iTunes

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