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    This year’s the hottest issue!

    Chlory : The Ocean Guard Episode already grabbed numerous game makers’ attentions with great expectations. You can meet Chlory :The Ocean Guard Episode starting from Sunday, July 15th at Appstore, Tstore, and Googleplay.

    Genre: Strategic smartphone touch arcade

    Support: higher than iOS 3.1.3 & higher than Android 2.1

    Just like the old sayings, don’t judge book by its cover! You might think that Chlory: The Ocean Guard is just another stereotypical simple smartphone game, but “Booms” who joined as a beta tester said it is beyond the classic smartphone game. And “Booms” warned those who are interested in this game to be aware of difficulty of stage 2-20. If you don’t believe what “Booms” said? Then, come on and play and prove to “Booms” that he is wrong!

    This version supports single play mode and contains five chapters in total of 100 stages.

    According to the preview videos, the sixth chapter will be released soon!

    <Chlory: The Ocean Guard> The goal of this game is to clear out those enemies’ invasions in the ocean by using green colored character called “Chlory”.

    If you make the enemy’s number to “zero”, then you will become “Chlory”. For your information, the number next to each character represents the strengths or the power of each character.

    The basic game strategies are

    “Drag” : If you connect the characters, you can either attack the enemies or help your friend or ally.

    “Cut” : If you disconnect the lines between characters, you can move the chlorophyll(?) quickly.

    HOT TIP!
    If you connect “Chlory” with as many “Chlory” as you can, then there is a good chance that you will win.

    If “Chlory: The Ocean Guard” is too complicated for you, then start using your six hidden “Sunlight” skills. Instruction is that you click the skill button and use the skill as you needed.

    Eavesdropping from those people who played the game, there was no single person who survived through the fifth chapter yet. If you are THE ONE, who think they might be the winner, be aware! The stage 1-19 and 2-19 is the most attention grabbing stages…although the pictures shown above don’t really look that challenging.

    Most important notice!

    Since I’m hungry I can’t explain further, but please feel free to click the links provided on the bottom of the page.

    For iOS version: higher than 3.1.3,
    possible model: higher than iPhone 3GS, and higher than iPad 1

    For Android version: higher than 2.1
    Possible model: models that came out after 2010.

    YOU CAN FIND “CHLORY” @ google & facebook


    Chlory : The Ocean Guard | Facebook

    Chlory : The Ocean.. (HelloChlory) on Twitter
    07-17-2012 02:59 AM
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    Who's Booms?
    07-23-2012 09:44 AM