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    POCO CAMERA is a photographic tool designed for mobile users. With several built-in camera lens, classic PS templates, ultimate editing effects, easy multi-platform sharing.

    App Store - POCO Camera - Amazing Shooting
    Winner: One of the Best app in China,Japan,Korea
    — China Mobile Global Developers Conference 2011

    “The POCO Camera app improves on almost every aspect of the built-in camera app”
    — 36kr

    “POCO Camera - The Camera Knows You!”
    — Wandoujia: Best Design Awards

    Winner: Best Visual Design, Best Effects App
    — ChinaBang 2011 Year Awards

    “Best app to make best photo by you phone, my most favourite apps!”
    — InterPhoto Magazine Chief Editor

    “The photographer‘s most favorite camera app!”
    — Steven Ding, Photographers Association

    ● After POCO CAMERA on iPhone version is available, it crowned the free apps No.1 in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore Malaysia, Thailand, and other Chinese speaking nations within a week. It became the most popular photography APPs in Apple Store, and recommended as the popular product in the Apple store many times.

    POCO CAMERA created by POCO.CN, the biggest original photographic community in China. Its function is powerful, simple and respects photographers’ habit: Choose lens – Take photo – Edit – Share. No matter you are a shutterbug, an mobile photo lover, POCO CAMERA can make you love photographing and sharing .

    After POCO CAMERA came into being 6 months, we appreciate 13 million users for supporting and using our product!

    1、Build-in lens: 4-lens, 2-lens, Collage, Miniature, Classic Lens and GIF-lens. Advanced features of DSLR like separate focus and exposure also including..

    2、Easy editing: You can edit your photo by processing color, using special effects, frames and so on. There are more than 40 kinds of PS function, especially suit for those who loves photographing, recording life, snapshot, LOMO, or anything else.

    3、Advanced PS mode: Basic on more than 40 kinds of PS function, you can also edit photo by yourself. Endlessness outcome of PS can satisfy any requirement.

    4、GIF video: You can also use this lens to make creative dynamic photography.

    5、Photo Collage: Shake Collage, Free Collage, Image Snitching can satisfy your demand for photo editing, and this function can make your sharing to SNS more attractive.

    6、 Multi-Platform Sharing: One clicks to share your photo to Facebook、Twitter、Tumblr、Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, QQ Zone, RenRen and POCO. What’s more, @ and # function make the share easier!

    New Functions in 1.5.0 version:
    1、Dozens of brand new effects, perfect photo is easier to produce!
    2、Added 3 new color effects (Sparkling, Glamorous, Bright), and Food color is optimized;
    3、Added White Balance and Bokeh are added in advanced edit function;
    4、Better interface.

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    hmm interesting looks something new
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    In IOS camera app”POCO camera” have motivating features which are use in iPhone apps and any other apps so it’s better for all operating system. Good features are Multi platform sharing, GIF video and including new color effects.

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    07-31-2012 04:31 AM