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    This is an app that was originally designed specifically for Metabolic Typing. It is a food diary that allows you to record your meals with ease, it allows you to keep in constant contact with your body and keep detailed records for both yourself and your advisor.

    Why do you need this app?

    As a Metabolic Typing advisor it is difficult to have clients be able to fill in the required information on their meals so that we can gauge what it is that is happening inside their body. At any 1 time a number of different factors relating purely to food alone can be the cause of any kind of mental emotional of physical discomfort or reaction, and by recording these reactions after your meal we can help to narrow down possible causes.

    That is where this software comes in. In a few simple clicks of your iphone/ipad you are able to easily record your food and the reaction to your food an hour later. Below is a list of functions.

    Easily add in food into a meal for any given time of the day, as well as write notes that help your advisor understand how you prepared your food.
    Add in the weight of your food ‘ONLY’ if you need it.
    Represent your food Macronutrient portions with easy slider adjustments
    Easily pick a day of the week/month and review your meals
    A reminder alarm that is ‘necessary’ to put in your custom reactions for your previous meal, recorded 1hr and 15 min after you eat
    Easily send your meal for the day, week or a date range to your advisor/nutritionist/personal trainer with the click of a button
    Add new foods into your meal database for later use
    Keep record of your weight to see current and the last 3 months progress of any weight changes
    Add in your next appointment with your Nutritionist/Personal Trainer/dietician from within the app, just as you normally would in Ical.

    To learn more and down load Foodio please visit: App Store - Foodio Diet Diary
    07-06-2012 03:31 AM
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    App look awsom!
    07-07-2012 06:13 AM