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    BanzaiDice is a fun little puzzle game that is easy to pick up but hard to master. Beginners will
    find the controls very intuitive and the game easily accessible but advanced players will still
    have their strategic planning abilities challenged!

    To get started, simply slide the dice up from the row below so that they form "strings" -
    sequences of dice of consecutive values or sequences of the same die face. The more strings you
    can get in one move the higher your score will be! Simple, yet dangerously addictive!

    BanzaiDice is beautifully designed in steam punk style and gives a crisp and clear image to take
    full advantage of retina display!

    The game has a CLASSIC MODE where you have a limited number of dice and an unlimited
    amount of time to build up the highest number of strings and score. The game also features an
    ACTION MODE where you have a limited amount of time and an unlimited supply of dice. You
    must think quickly in a race against the clock!

    We at BanzaiTokyo hope you enjoy BanzaiDice!

    support: BanzaiTokyo.com - Banzai Dice
    AppStore: App Store - Banzai Dice
    07-05-2012 10:56 AM